- The experience surpassed my expectations and everyone went above and beyond!

- She has created a team of BTs that support, encourage and uplift, while giving feedback that is both tough and exact.

- It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you and the BT team.

- Wow it was an amazing weekend. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude!......get to New York and experience all the fun, love and support that surrounded us.......... Thank you Alison and team of BTs for all your support and encouragement. You all rock!!!

- I had a great time, and met a lot of great peeps that supported me and others! Thats what it is all about!!! (SUPPORTING PEOPLE TO REACH THEIR GOALS)

- Did I mention I'm now BOKWA CERTIFIED?! Because I'm really friggin excited about it!

- Was VERY HAPPY with everything about the day.

- Contagious energy from the team.

- What an amazing and energy filled weekend

- what a amazing weekend !!!!!  It was a reunion to say the least and meeting new friends and getting hooked on BOWKA!!!!! Get excited for your new dance addiction!!!!! Its about to get real!!!!! I love all you guys and I remember now again why I love what I do so much!!!!!

- Ahhhhh. So fun!!!!!! One of the best things I've done for myself!! BOKWA BABY!!!!

- What a amazing cert!

- Bokwa Cert!!!!! Holy braingasm Batman! Super fun, super energy, long, insane day... Sooooooooo worth it!!

- The trainers were very professional and worked with all levels with respect and gave pertinent advice. I look forward to working more with them in this medium of fitness.

- I absolutely LOVED it!

- You are an AMAZING BEST Alison with an AWESOME Team!! Thank you for the Wonderful weekend!!! I met and made new Wonderful Bokwa family and friends!!!

- I love feeling like a rockstar during Bokwa!

- Alison was extremely knowledgeable and the Bokwa Trainers were very friendly and extremely helpful. 

- I thought this workshop was perfect!

- Just want to thank you two again for a jam-packed, challenging, and fun workshop! 


- I had an awesome amazing time on Sunday!! You and the team completely surpassed my expectations!

Kind words from anonymous feedback forms filled out at the end of a Bokwa instructor certification day.

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" I have had a lot of teachers through out my life and can say with full confidence she is one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her enthusiasm for Bokwa is infectious. Her understanding of the format is spectacular and her ability to TEACH it and teach others to teach it is phenomenal. Witnessing her ability to meet anybody where they are at is so neat. That is not something you can train someone to do! She has a way of inviting people out of themselves to come forward and be themselves with confidence. WOW. Bokwa is SO fortunate to have her representing the company! I am even more excited to be part of this neat fitness program now, largely due to my fantastic experience learning from Alison!" - Jenna

USA Master Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer




"Inspiring, engaging, energetic, wealth of knowledge, and grateful to have her as my BEST." - Susan