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When Alison was 75+ pounds heavier, she didn’t think she could teach group fitness. After a fluke accident left her bed ridden, she grew depressed because she couldn’t dance anymore, and the weight started to pile on.

Alison and her husband signed up for a 5K training program as a means of starting the weight loss process. Since the first 5K, she has been a volunteer mentor for the No Boundaries beginner 5K training program, ran a Half Marathon, completed Warrior Dash, and raced numerous 5K’s.

Now, 75+ pounds lighter, Alison passionately believes “you can do anything you decide to do, and fitness is the fastest way to prove that to yourself.”

Fitness is more than what you look like. It’s about how you feel: strong, empowered, and capable of achieving your goals. Taking class isn’t about being the best dancer in the room. Class is about self-care, community, and having so much fun you laugh until your belly hurts.

Come play with us! You’ll have a blast, laugh a lot, make some new friends, and give yourself an hour of fun!

Alison previously was a USA Master Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer. She trained people to become Bokwa instructors. She presented internationally with Bokwa, assisted with educational materials, and new programs. She is also traveled internationally putting her on stages with the Bokwa creator and other master trainers at events with hundreds to thousands of people in attendance.  

Alison is also a licensed Zumba instructor, certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, and ACE Group Leadership certified. She has previously trained in multiple Zumba specialties, Cycle, MetaFit, Pound, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, Booiaka, Silver Sneakers, Yoga and Stride. She has over 25 fitness certifications and licenses.  

Alison is a 25+ year dance veteran and a former stage performer. Her teaching experience includes Bokwa, Zumba, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, Booiaka, Cardio Strip Tease, Stride, Jazz, Tap, and Ballet dance classes with student’s ages ranging from 4 to 100.




Alison Mewer Cowan