Trauma is anything that was too much, too soon, too fast for our nervous system to process.

Trauma happens when we feel alone in our experience, and is the result of incomplete survival responses.

Healing happens in relationship.

Your body speaks not in words, but in sensations.

Let's learn the sensation language to renegotiate lifelong challenges into a vibrant, healthy life experience.

Living during a pandemic is a form of inescapable attack on our collective nervous system.

That increase in feeling on edge, anxiety, needing to numb, or zone out, needing control over something - anything, amongst a host of other things. You know your particular feeling in your body that lets you know something isn't right.

Or that big terrible thing that happened way back when.....

The little things, that don't bother you the first time they happen, but day in and day out leads to chronic stress.

All of it matters to your body.

In person, or an appointment via Zoom, we will work together on developing nervous system regulation skills: so you can settle and come back home to yourself.

You can get back to your life & the things you wish you had mental and physical overhead to accomplish.

The best part; I don't need your detailed story to do what I do. No need for you to re-live what happened to you. This is not talk therapy. We will listen to what you body is communicating now.

Your trauma is not your fault.

Your healing is your responsibility.

You don't need to be "fixed".

You have everything you need inside of you now to find regulation and ease in your life.

Let's do this together. Welcome Home.


No Experience is necessary. You don't need any special artistic talent or experience to try it out and start seeing positive changes in your life. If you can hold a pen, you can do Neurographica.

With Neurographica, you can:
- Use it as a resource in regulating your nervous system.
- Calm your thoughts, enter a flow state, and experience stress relief.
- Explore your hidden potential, activate your creativity, and transform your reality.
- Experience a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.
- If needed, find your vision for your life.
- Map out action steps to direct you forward in achieving the vision you have for your life.

Nervous System Regulation.  Transformational Breath Work.   NeuroGraphica      

Essentially what I do is lower the volume on the body's survival stress physiology
which by default increases the available energy for

Rest, Digest, Heal, Repair, and Rejuvenation cellular activities.

Your body is not a grave for your pain to be buried.

Let's give your pain, your trauma, an exit ramp.

Transformational Breathwork

This modality will change your life. It is not to be taken lightly; deep respect and a resolve to put in the work are required.

Transformational & Somatic Breathwork is an embodiment experience. It takes you out of your thinking mind and into your soma, your body. It lets you release trapped energy within you caused by repeating thoughts, feelings, and old narratives by discharging it out through your body. 

 Transformational & Somatic Breathwork employs various styles of conscious connected breathing coupled with music & verbal coaching to produce a potentially cathartic emotional release. This release may be in the form of moving, shaking, yelling, crying, or laughing.  

Our time together is anchored in Alison's love for the body's innate ability to heal, access regulation, creativity, art, dance, journaling, play, and connection. We will lean on our intuitions, backgrounds, and the in-the-moment felt sense the body uses to communicate to us to design your treatment plan and session experiences specific to you and your needs.

Scope of Practice:

Alison is a Somatic Practitioner, Somatic Bodyworker, and Breathwork facilitator, focusing on a body-oriented compassionate approach to healing and nervous system regulation support. Sessions may include conversation, guided imagery, breathwork and safe touch. Somatic Touch is not massage. It is characteristically holding points on the body over clothing, bringing mindful attention and intention to specific areas of the body.

She works with all genders. Primarily adults. Teenagers with written parental permission, and on a case by case basis.

Children are seen with parents present in the room, and parents need to be actively working on their nervous system regulation.

Alison is not a therapist / psychologist. She will refer you to a licensed mental health practitioner if requested, or if she feels your sessions are needing to reach outside of her scope of practice. All in all, Alison is a huge fan of therapy, and getting the support care you need!

Alison is not a medical professional or doctor. If you come in with physiological symptoms and have not seen medical professionals for tests to rule out medical issues/diagnosis, she will insist you seek appropriate medical care. She does see people after they've had all the tests and can't find what's "wrong". 

Somatic Experiencing: "SE"

Somatic Experiencing, as developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is a physiological approach to resolving trauma rooted in biology.

SE is not talk therapy. This is a body based approach to greater nervous system regulation. The client does not need to re-tell or re-live their trauma. 

I don't need you to give me the book of your life. I will ask for chapter titles, or the headline of the article so I know what topic we are addressing. I don't need to read the chapter, or the article.

Somatic Touch & Transforming Touch®

AKA Co-Regulating Touch

Co-regulating through touch is part of what occurs in healthy human development. When a baby cries you pick them up. The baby settles due to being held. Our bodies don't lose the need for safe human contact. For some people, life circumstances can make safe touch tricky at home.

The client remains fully clothed and any physical touch is used with a clear outcome in mind along with the client's expressed permission & consent.

Client's may experience significant improvements in various symptoms as we work together on overall nervous system regulation. Many clients walk into the rainbow room and sit on the table rather than in a chair because the co-regulating touch is their favorite part of their sessions.

Somatic Touch is NOT massage.