$250 for 2 - 10 ladies.

Additional friends are $25 each.

Cost includes studio rental in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.

$50 non-refundable deposit to book your party, and secure the studio.

If you would like to host at another location, contact Alison for a quote.

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“What a great way to build self confidence and relax and have fun. Finding your inner sexiness is more fun than I thought! Thank you Alison for rocking so hard!” – Stefanie

"Oh My God! I had a blast tonight!" - Jessica

Have you ever watched a film with a strip tease, lap dance, or burlesque scene and yearned to be the woman dancing?

Do you want to learn how to cultivate that Come Hither mystique that will leave him panting in arousal and his jaw on the floor?

We understand that learning how to confidently move your body in ways you never imagined, and expressing your sensuality can be nerve wracking. All in good fun, there are no poles, no super high heels, and no taking off clothes. There will be lots of giggles with your girlfriends in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

By the end of class your body with be tingling from head to toe. Is that from the boost in self-confidence, or the endorphins from the exercise? We don’t know, and frankly, we don’t care. Feeling amazing doesn’t need an explanation.

So, relax. Let go. Act silly. Be wild. Do all the things you were told not to. Dance for yourself. Dance for your lover. Dance for your spirit. Dance to feel confident, sexy, powerful, desired, and feminine. Dance just because it feels so good. This is about feeling sexy, not what we should or should not do.

Attire: Workout clothing. Think yoga pants and tee shirts. Please wear your normal bra, and not a sports bra. We don't need to hide the girls, or compress them. Alison will dance barefoot, you can dance in clean workout sneakers or dance sneakers if you wish.

Props: Please bring a man’s tie.




Sexy is an attitude.

"Nothing to worry about. It'll be in good fun and taste. Alison doesn't make you do anything you're not completely comfortable doing. You will have a blast." - Colleen 

"I have done these classes and had a blast at them. Leave your fears at the door and have a great time." - Michelle